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The son of a classical pianist and a hi-fi speaker designer, Alex L'Estrange was surrounded by music from a young age. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland University of Technology, and not long after opened his own recording studio in the leafy Brisbane borough of Paddington. During this time, he toured the country as a solo artist, drummer and bass player alongside artists such as Ball Park Music, Holy Holy, and Mid Ayr.

In 2017 L'Estrange moved to London where he established his own mixing and mastering facility in Hackney Wick. For nearly four years he worked with some of Britain’s most talented up and coming artists. He showcased at BBC Introducing and continued his work as a session drummer.

A sonic chameleon, L'Estrange has made records with an eclectic range of talented artists such as My Own Pet Radio, Daggy Man, Clea, FELIVAND, Le Montais, Hope D, Jaguar Jonze and more. His approach to mixing and mastering showcases not just sonic fidelity, but also the importance of vibe, emotion and truth in every recording. Like his idol George Martin once said, the ambition is to paint, not photograph.


Now anchored in Sydney, Australia, he works out of his own facility ‘Sound Aquarium’.

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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Alex since my childhood. Before I sing his praises in the world of music, I should take a moment to commend him simply as an amazing human being. A fun, smart, polite, hilarious and deeply social person... I challenge anyone to dislike him. Even if your record scrubs up shit you’ll have made an incredible friend. But your record will not scrub up shit. Alex is what I like to call a ‘lifer’. Music runs deep in his blood. He is devoted to and has a rich understanding of music, and this will never change. I have performed, recorded, mixed and mastered alongside Alex and all of these endeavours were a pleasure. When we worked together I noted his patience, enthusiasm and focus for the job and I would have zero hesitation in recommending Alex for any musical project."

- Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music, My Own Pet Radio)


"My EP 'Cash Only' was mixed and co-produced by Alex L'Estrange. Working with Alex brought so many incredible ideas and impeccable sound to my vision, things that I couldn't even think of, but knew I wanted in the finished product of my EP. I am always impressed with Alex's work and am so grateful to have had him add so many amazing elements to my music. I can't recommend him enough."

- Hope D


"Always beyond satisfied with Alex’s work, always reliable and quick but most of all he really cares about the art and what you want from it."

- David Versace (First Beige, Solo)


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