'Auchenflower' EP [Digital WAV Tracks]

Debut EP - released November 2016

06 Nothing to Hide.wav
02 Mr Mild.wav
01 Favourite Star.wav
05 Trip Wire.wav
03 Reconsider.wav
04 OH&S.wav

"L'Estrange has a voice somewhere between John Lennon and Noel Gallagher with which he both whispers and howls across the EP. Often it's masked by fuzz and haze, drifting on guitars wet with reverb and splashy drums. Though Auchenflower (named for the inner-Brisbane suburb) is a heavily produced album which goes for a thick, fuggy sound verging almost on shoegaze, it also has a certain homespun quality lent by L'Estrange's charismatic and magnetic performance." - Scott Wallace, Sydney Scoop.

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